Phoenix on Turbo

Tags: phoenix, turbo, hotwire

Phoenix Contexts and Crossing Boundaries

Tags: Phoenix, Elixir, DDD, SQL

Superb Supervisors. Designing for Failure

Tags: elixir, supervisors, failure

Connection Pools and RabbitMQ

Tags: elixir, rabbitmq

Organizing LiveView Logic with Presentation Models

Tags: Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, Design Patterns

Salesforce Outbound messages and Phoenix

Tags: Salesforce, Elixir, Phoenix, XML

Filtering through subqueries in ActiveRecord

Tags: queries, rails, sql

LTrees in Phoenix

Tags: elixir, phoenix

Something Useless - Terminal in your browser

Tags: elixir, something useless

Something Useless - Redux Implemented in Elixir

Tags: elixir, redux, something useless

Learn to Program with Elixir

Tags: elixir, basics

Guard this with your life... Or authenticating APIs with Guardian

Tags: elixir, phoenix

Processes in Elixir

Tags: elixir

Hey! Watch it!...or how to monitor files in Elixir

Tags: elixir

Let's build something with Rack

Tags: rack, ruby

Let's learn about Rack

Tags: rack, ruby, basics

Rails Foreign Key Constraints - The Ugly Way

Tags: rails, postgresql

Working with Templates in Ruby ERB

Tags: ruby

Elixir - Tuples vs Lists

Tags: elixir

Let me find out

Tags: ruby

Next generation is better. I promise

Tags: javascript

Using Ruby to learn JavaScript

Tags: ruby, javascript

On why learning to program is hard

Tags: learning


Tags: javascript, ruby

Custom params in route resources

Tags: rails, ruby

Keyboard Navigation

Tags: basics